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A son of a preacher and retired pastor, my passion for the community and traveling began at an early age. My father was appointed to many pastoral assignments throughout the United State. This caused our family to often move, from state to state and attend many conventions. I was young then and the drive for me seem long. However, I became intrigued with traveling and seeing states and their cities architectural landscape. And through my church travels that my interest in traveling domestic and internationally ignited.

That spark has taken me to Canada, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland and France. Even though small in number, it is my desire to visit all SEVEN CONTINENTS!! I am thankful to be able to travel near or far as traveling gives me deeper appreciation for life, people, their communities and their cultures. As I continue to explore the world, my desire and goal is to help other individuals make their of dreams traveling become reality!
Today, I want you to see the world and cross off those wishful places off your bucket list- luxuriously, passionately, and with an insatiable desire for new experiences. Let’s GO!


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